How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil? | Staedtler mechanical pencil refill

How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil? | Staedtler mechanical pencil refill

Today we learn How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil. Here we take Staedtler mechanical pencil refill.

How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil


How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil

If you need your Staedtler mechanical pencil refill so, read the blog. You remove the end cap as well as the rubber holder. Which is hidden inside the cap. For my dark blue Stadler mechanical pencil, I removed the silver .akna and white plastic rubber container. Gently press the pencil and let the refills move in your hand.

To insert the refill, hold down the last button (which pushes to the lead) and gently tap the ide on the refill. Release the button and you're done.

The main purpose is to make sure that the staddle pencils are easy to fill with lead. If you use them in containers.

Stadletter lead holders are ISO color-coded. You can see it here: the container is yellow and the back of the pencil is yellow. And the correct size for the opening on the back of the pencil.

In this case, it is yellow because they are 0.3 mm. There will be other colors of different sizes.

Okay, side pilot, S20. I think it looks a lot better.

Especially wood, I like it but I’m not sure if it fits the ‘metallic’ type.

Okay, but they are now - in. You'll get 30 leads here. Ah, you got 30 leads with this container and the pencil is pretty easy to fill. But obviously, there is no place as easy as Stadler.

Okay, let's ... let's pick them up.

They often stick to your fingers when you try to pick them up.

So I'll just sort them out and reintroduce them. Yes, it's Neox graphite. Other leads are Stadler Mars Micro Leeds.

How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil

Can you find the eraser at the top? Most of them you just pull it off. Eraser You are taking the eraser.

Now it is empty you just fill it again. Back you take Glenn and you fill in, about six as recognized or seven will fit inside. So if you don't you just have to turn it off.

Put the eraser back. And you cover. There are some cheap covers. Versions don't have covers but that's fine, it works the same. And you just put the cover back on and press until you do.

The point you see is coming out of you, finished. Push it from the top to the top two seconds down to half an hour so please stop.

                           How do you refill a Staedtler mechanical pencil

And one suggestion I'd like to give you is never to be like to give it to you properly your mechanical pencil eraser will be low and level because it's hard to refill now so you can stop at any time.

It lowers it to get what you have. It's something to find holes and Try your best so that time is affordable.

There is an eraser without getting this flow. If they sell what you can keep. I know it's half an eraser broken.

But they made it that way so I am Only if you guys have one Mechanical pencil and you are using.

Try the eraser, try to lower it or not You will never be able to get it. Fill in the pencil again here I do I try to pierce it I have one. The paper clip that I just opened the corner. Because you need something sharp Maybe get a pin and a hole. Then drag it Thank you.


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