7 Easy step by step Coronavirus drawing for kids

Coronavirus drawing for kids

Learn coronavirus drawing for kids that's an easy step by step flow my processes. Coronavirus drawings should be explained to the children through drawing.


Coronavirus is very important to be aware of today and it should be explained to the children through pictures. If you are a parent then teach your children the coronavirus drawing well and explain its harmful aspects to him. It will be fun for children to understand.



When you start to 7 Easy step by step Coronavirus drawing for kids  with the colour you needed some things below :

1. Drawing white Sketchbook.
2. Drawing pencil.
3. Coloring pencil.
4. Sketch Pencil.
5. Pencil Eraser.
6. Pencil Sharpener.
7. Pastel colour.

1st step:  coronavirus drawing for kids

At first, make a circle and erase that circle with an eraser in the middle


2nd step:

Secondly, you wipe the flower in the middle with an eraser


3rd step

You then delete that ঃ take part in drawing two small dots and make a circle on their head which is as follows

Then draw something more similar from his site

4th step:

Then you can do angry eyes or normal eye drawing. If you haven't seen the Curve Line in my previous post, then look at Drawing for Kids. And then it's fun to see two fellows easily. And one more thing, you should all be aware of the Coronavirus and maintain social distance.


5th step: the easy colour of coronavirus drawing

Then we will colour. Look, we can colour very easily. First, paint the middle of the eye red. It helps a lot to understand what it means to be angry then slowly colour the other parts the way I did.


It's better to say that I drew a sketchbook on that drawn computer. You will draw in the drawing book.
We will then paint the whole body green. You can use pastel colour, watercolour, or colouring pencil for this. However, make sure that the colour is not out of the round spot, it is a matter of extreme care. What you will learn through practice is very important to practice a lot.


6th step: coronavirus drawing easy

You can then use a colouring pencil to paint the small parts on the outside red. Because if you use pastel colours here, there is a fear that the colours will come out. So I would suggest you use a colouring pencil or a sketch pen. I painted red. You can paint another colour and let us know in the comments how it went.

7th step: Coronavirus drawing for kids

The last or finishing step is the rest of the eye with the help of a yellow pencil. And if you can help with pastel colours, it's great that you can do it in practice.

Coronavirus drawing video:


Practice a lot I hope you will read a very good painting by practice. And I hope he has some knowledge. If you like coronavirus drawing for kids today, please like and share it with your friends. Thank You.

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